DSA<sup>in</sup> Christine Pichlhöfer


Gender sensitive Psychotherapy
Counseling, Supervision, Coaching


Depression, burnout, crisis, relationship problems, women's issues, separation, problems of youth growing up, self-awareness, addiction, trauma disorder.

In difficult times I am glad to be there for you...

Since 1990 professional experience in psychological and social support of people in various kinds of crises; diploma of the academy of socialwork; psychotherapist with background of fairness in gender issues.

2 years training and work in New York, USA.

Training in systemic familiy therapy (New York); work with youth and their families (Childrens Village, Dobbs Ferry, NY) and work with homeless (New York City)

Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy and is defined by Jakob Levy Moreno (1889 - 1974) as "the science, which explores the truth by dramatic methods. It deals with inter-personal relations and private worlds." (Who Shall Survive: J.L. Moreno 1953)

DSAin Christine Pichlhöfer, MSc
Certified social worker
Teaching therapist in Psychodrama, ÖAGG
Lecturer at the Donau-University-Krems
Lecturer at the Fachstelle Lower Austria and Vienna

Setting: German, English

Curriculum Vitae as pdf download